5 Days Until Departure: Travel Tip

Go Native

Don’t be that guy. It’s even worse than wearing the shirt of the band you’re going to see at the concert. Do NOT be the American who travels abroad and eats at McDonalds and drinks Heinekens. People like that are why the terrorists hate us, and they allow French people to feel justified in their smugness. Don’t be that guy. When you travel to a foreign country, try to experience at least a small part of the culture. Even if this just means seeking out and drinking local beers and finding a restaurant that serves traditional specialties from the country or region. Don’t play it safe, eat what the people eat, be adventurous. However, don’t be that guy who goes to far. If you are a white guy who returns from Africa in traditional tribal garb I’ll personally be waiting at the airport to sock you in the face.


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