3 Days Until Departure: Travel Tip

Cash Money

Well, it seems we all survived the rapture. Kudos. It’s almost time to start packing, so I will be brief. Always know the conversion rate of your home currency into the local currency before you leave for your trip and whenever possible use ATMs instead of exchange desks. When you change your currency into a foreign currency at a desk you get robbed with fees and you usually do not get a favorable rate. If you withdraw from an ATM you pay a small transaction fee, but you get the up to the minute exchange rate. It’s important to know this rate because some ATM’s (I’m looking at you Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade) will actually try to bargain with you. The ATM I have in mind noted that exchange rates fluctuate and asked if I would like to withdraw my $ based on a set conversion of their choosing. This suggested conversion rate was far below the market rate. Stay on top of the fluctuations. Generally I like to withdraw money from an ATM at the airport so I have local currency for the cab, the hotel and any little things I might need en route.


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