Paris Spotlight This Week

I’m sure many of you are very familiar with Paris, and nothing posited here is going to blow your doors off. However, if you are looking for new restaurants, bars and cafes to try out, stop in here every once in a while and I will be posting blurbs and links. I’m going to try to run the gamut and recommend places I like across a wide spectrum rather than just pricey, exclusive, pretentious places. Here are some picks for this week.

Cafe Renoma
32 avenue George V
Paris, 75008
(Across the street from Four Seasons George V)

A nice cafe/restaurant across the street from the Hotel George V in the 8eme. They are doing booming business at lunch, but still trying to build a following at dinner. Renoma is a very slick space. The interior design is well thought out and the walls are adorned with prints that are for sale should you be particularly taken by a piece while dining. The eclectic menu is constantly changing, and everything we sampled was excellent.

Le Cherche Midi
22 rue Cherche Midi
Paris, 75006

Italian cuisine right in the heart of the 6eme. 2.5 blocks off of boulevard Saint Germain if you take rue Dragon to rue Cherche Midi. The menu changes daily, although they have certain specials that appear every week on the same day (the Milanese on Saturday comes highly recommended). Again, all the dishes were outstanding, and the proprietor Carlos is rather amusing. Try the charcuterie and burrata starters (if available) and the Milanese or whatever ravioli are on the menu that day.

Le Montana
28 rue Saint Benoit
Paris, 75006
(Next door to Cafe Flore)

In New York City parlance, Montana is the Paris Kenmare. In Paris parlance, it’s the new Baron. While people still go to Le Baron, and the two bars essentially draw from the same core of regulars, Montana has established alpha on its venerable compatriot. Along with Raspoutine and Baron, Montana is one of the toughest (if not the toughest) doors in Paris. Inside, you find a compact two level den of iniquity. The top floor is generally more sedate. There is a long bar, and several tables that people tend to use for quiet conversations before the evening kicks into high gear. The bar really doesn’t fill up until 2am or later, but it can get rather crowded, and the parties often run through sunup. The basement is more raucous with bottle service tables (all four of them), loud music and a dance floor. Almost always a good time.

The Moose
16 rue Des Quatre Vents
Paris, 75006

Now, to go in completely the opposite direction from Montana, we find ourselves at The Moose. As great as visiting a foreign country is, sometimes you just need to see an NHL game, or some college football. Heck, maybe you have even gone local and just want a big screen to watch the French Open or the Six Nations Rugby. Worst case scenario…maybe you’re Canadian and you just want some goddamn poutine. In all of these scenarios, The Moose has you covered. They have a plethora of TV’s showing almost any major sporting event you’d want to see, a menu of North American pub food and bartenders who speak English as well as any jerk at your local tavern…they even have hockey memorabilia littered around the place. So, if you need sports, or a respite from the French. This is your best bet.


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