Paris Spotlight: All About Restaurants

This week we’re going to take a look at four restaurants, next week, we’ll focus on bars.

Le Partage
17 rue de Frederic Sauton
Paris, 75005

Located on a tiny street not far from the Seine in the 5eme, this might be the best Indian food in Paris. Two things to keep in mind…1. As usual if you want your food to actually be spicy you have to impress upon the staff that you want it the way they eat it, not Europeanized, 2. Without fail, even if you are a regular, they will tell you the credit card machine is broken nine times out of 10 if you wait until after your meal to request payment by card. The solution…before you sit down to eat, tell them you want to pay by credit. When they say the machine is broken, pretend you are going to eat elsewhere and magically it will be fixed. Excellent Chicken Vindaloo, but really you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here. Be prepared to pay a bit more than average for Indian.

Pizza Florenza
7 rue Tardieu
Paris, 75018

To date, this is the best pizza in Paris. The pizzeria is located in Montmartre, so unless you live in the 18eme or you’re a tourist (or accompanying out of town visitors to Sacre Coeur) it’s a bit out of the way. If you can find a way to justify the long metro trip just to have a meal, you won’t be disappointed.

Coffee Parisien
4 rue Princesse
Paris, 75006

Yes French cuisine is world renowned, and yes Paris is a culinary mecca, but sometimes expats abroad just want a taste of home. Coffee Parisiene caters to the inner American and offers a familiar slice of the U.S. (the placemats even have a chronological listing of all American Presidents from Washington through Obama). The interior looks like a typical New York coffee shop, and the menu has basic diner fare. They have one of the best hamburgers in Paris. Whether you eat it with your hands or with a knife and fork will determine just how American you are.

Pizzeria Positano
15 rue des Cannettes
Paris, 75006

While Pizza Florenza may have a slight edge, Positano has a far more accessible location right off of Boulevard Saint Germain in the 6eme. The pizza here is doughier than the thinner, crispier pies at Florenza, but the sauce packs a nice punch. The service is excellent, and the staff are very pleasant and warm. From the façade to the interior design, the restaurant has a charming, rustic look about it. In addition to their top-notch pizzas, they offer a selection of house made desserts, as well as several items imported from nearby pattisserie Gerard Mullot.


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