The Ledbury: Underrated at 2-Michelin Stars

  The Ledbury

127 Ledbury Road

London, W11 2AQ




While I have not had the pleasure of visiting either of Heston Blumenthal’s London area eateries, I have had more than my fair share of fine dining experiences in the English Capital. With this in mind, it is not lightly that I say that I consider The Ledbury the best meal I have ever had in London.

Australian Chef Brett Graham has more than earned his 2 Michelin stars, but the inventive and delicious cuisine may be criminally undervalued at 2 rather than 3 stars.

The dining experience begins with two amuse bouche, both of which were fantastic. From there, our party tried the “Lasagne of Rabbit with Girolle Puree and a Veloute of Toasted Hay,” as well as the “Chantilly of Colchester Oysters with a Tartare of Scallop and Oyster , Horseradish and Dill.” Both were excellent, and the starters were some of the more flavorful dishes I have ever had.

For our main courses, we selected the “Shoulder of Pyrenean Milk Fed Lamb with Crushed Jerusalem Artichoke and Rosemary” and the “Cheek and Jowel of Pork with Black Pudding, Young Carrots and Spiced Cream.” Again, the dishes were top notch. The lamb was tender and could be cut with a fork.

Following the main courses another gift from the chef appeared before dessert. If I must nitpick, then the only part of the meal that failed to exceed expectations was the dessert. We sampled the “Pave of Chocolate with Milk Puree an Lovage Ice Cream,” as well as the “Passion Fruit Souffle.” I can’t hold the souffle against The Ledbury, as I don’t particularly care for souffle’s or passion fruit. The chocolate dish was a bit too rich for my tastes, but again, this is more a personal issue than any fault of the restaurant’s.

Given the quality of the cuisine, dinner is a fairly reasonable proposition at a fixed 75 pounds for three courses. The trouble however is finding a reservation, as the restaurant is perennially booked. Plan well in advance or make nice with your concierge.



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