It doesn’t get much more routine than a flight from LHR to CDG. I had around two and a half hours to kick around T5 before my connection to Paris left. As I arrived in Club and was but a lowly OneWorld Ruby, my only option was the Galleries lounge. I popped in right around the change from breakfast food to lunch. My ticket (issued on check-in the previous evening at JFK) said my flight would depart at 1:30, however the big board said 1PM. I checked with the guardian of the lounge who informed me that it was indeed 1PM and they couldn’t understand why my ticket would say otherwise (the flight actually left at 1:30PM).

The internet at LHR is much faster than at JFK, so I checked some e-mails and tried to keep myself peppy until it was time to head to the gate. We had one of the downstairs A4 gates which meant a bus transfer to an apron position. Never a fan favorite.

I settled in to seat 2A and tried to drift off. A woman clearly on a business trip took the aisle seat next to me and continued loudly on her phone until she was asked to switch it off. She was going on and on about how one of her underlings was working from Europe on a project in NY and it was ridiculous that the poor girl be expected to occasionally work until midnight. If she was going to be forced to stay until the advanced hour of 8PM, she would just be allowed to report in to work at 11AM instead of 10AM, and work that came her way after 8PM would have to be bounced back to someone in NY. Having previously worked a job where 9am-9pm was a “normal” work day and staying until 2am before coming in on the weekends was not an uncommon occurrence, I was tempted to slide her a resume.

While taxiing and queueing up for takeoff, I drifted off but was snapped back to consciousness when the engines spooled up and we began our roll. It was a slow climb out of Heathrow. Once settled in at cruising altitude for the short flight, I had a ginger ale and BA served us a cold plate of meats, cheeses and vegetables (on a sub-1hr flight…take note US based airlines…I know I say it all the time, but still).

Soon we were on final into CDG and then it was into the car for a traffic plagued ride home that took longer than the flight from London.


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