Back to Civilization with DJ HTI-SYD

DJ 737-800

As you saw in the previous post, the glut of guests headed from Hayman to Hamilton island ruled out a second Seaplane transfer. As such, we were forced to rough it on the launch.

The dock is adjacent to the airport, and within minutes of tying up, everyone was in the terminal checking in. The surly woman at the counter demanded to weigh all of our carry-on baggage and anything over 7KG was deemed too heavy. I flew on the same airline, on the same sort of plane, in the same class of seat from SYD-HTI and no one weighed my luggage. Amazingly enough, on that flight the overhead bins stood up to the weight of my carry-on bags without buckling and tumbling into the aisle. I know better than to try to argue with airline personnel, so although I was a bit perturbed I let her take one of my carry-ons and I slid the other, heavier one out of her line of sight. Spoiler alert, that bag which was probably closer to 10KG if not north of there made it into the overhead compartment (as it does on every flight) AND it did no structural damage to the aircraft…rejoice.


Hamilton Island Airport is just one runway jutting out into the ocean. Boarding was quick and in no time we were back out over the blue and headed for the big city. After three nights overdosing on relaxation, I needed some entertainment. Luckily however, none was provided by the flight. There was a meal service and not much else to report. This 737-800 had been newly delivered, and as such did not have the IFE screen that the 737-700 on the SYD-HTI flight had. Good thing I brought a book.

Seats with no IFE

Meal service...awful

Nose Art


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