Goodbye India, Hello Southeast Asia

TG Airbus A330-300 DEL-BKK

The flight from DEL to BKK was perhaps one of the most forgettable flights I have ever had. Not because of any failings on Thai’s part. I just fell asleep early on and woke up as we were landing, so there isn’t all that much to report.

The Aman’s exceptional service went beyond check-out. They drove me from the hotel to the airport. Once there, I told the crew of two that drove me, that i’d be fine, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They insisted on escorting me into the terminal, helping with check-in, verifying all my immigration documents were in order and physically walking me to the immigration queue. It was completely unnecessary, but it’s always refreshing to see people who take pride in their job. They didn’t have to go the extra mile, I even told them it was unnecessary, but they did it because they felt it was their duty. Kudos.

Immigration was again shockingly painless. I have always heard horror stories about Indian airports, perhaps it’s just BOM. I had nothing but pleasant experiences at DEL and VNS.

I had of course arrived at the airport far too early, as is my custom. As you may have noticed, I am a bit of a nut job, and I like airports and planes, so I don’t mind sitting around for an extra hour. Thai uses the same lounge I had visited with my Priority Pass card before my DEL-KTM flight. Again, nothing to write home about, but some food & bev offerings and free wifi…could be worse.

The flight today was again scheduled to be an Airbus A330-300 and I had my fingers crossed for the “new” J seat. I hadn’t checked the seatmap, so I had no expectations other than that I would be in 11A (which oddly is row 1).

Boarding was late (as always with Thai), but I quickly settled in to 11A and was thrilled to find that the seat next to me was unoccupied. Unfortunately, we again had the old cradle style business class seats for this 5+ hour flight from DEL to BKK.

As no mysterious green stuff was on offer, I took the orange juice as my pre-departure beverage. Shortly after we were aloft, the meal service began.

Meal Service:

Pre-departure beverage






Pumpkin seeds in lieu of nuts






Seared Tuna starter






Beef and noodles






Banana Cake






It was all pretty good, especially the banana cake. Once the trays were cleared, I put my seat back, eyeshade on, head against the window and drifted off. This time, I awoke not over the red and brown outskirts of Delhi, but the green, wet landscape of Thailand. They even gave us amenity kits (different style than the ones we received on BKK-DEL). I was back in the kingdom. It would again be a sub-24 hour stop in Thailand, I wonder if i’ve made some sort of watch list.


TG A333 old-style J cabin






TG A333 old-style J seat



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