Back to Bangkok with Thai Airways HKG-BKK

Misty morning at HKG

I know I said I would NEVER take a taxi to or from HKG again, but sometimes these things are beyond your control. The first Airport Express train from the Kowloon Station to HKG was leaving at I believe 5:50am, and I was on a 7am flight out of HKG for BKK. I like to arrive at least two hours before international departures, so I was stuck taking a cab.

I was flying Thai Airways HKG-BKK-USM. The cab driver of course dropped off after repeatedly assuring me that I was in the right place for Thai.

I was of course not in the right place for Thai. I took the underground walkway to the proper terminal to begin my check-in. The agent was able to print my boarding pass for the later BKK-USM flight, but told me that for some unknown reason Thai had chosen to kick me out of my pre-assigned window seat and I would have to sort it all out on the ground in BKK.

I made my way to the lounge which offered the usual array of Thai business class lounge breakfast options.

Entrance to the lounge






Main part of the lounge






The Thai lounge is open air and on a raised pedestal in the middle of the finger that most of the Thai flights depart from. It was no great shakes, but it’s better than sitting at the gate for an hour with no wifi, being bored to death.

Shortly before boarding, I went down to the gate and took some snaps.

TG Airbus A330-300 HKG-BKK


As is the custom with Thai, boarding was not on time and was totally disorganized. However, after two previous 5+ hour flights BKK-DEL-BKK with Thai on A330’s bearing the old business class product, I was excited to finally see the new pod style A330 business class seats on this leg. On the newly configured A330’s, Thai has a 2-class layout, with business in a 2-2-2 config. Of course, it would have to turn out that the new, more comfortable seats are on a 2.5 hour flight rather than on the 5.5 hour flights…The business cabin was fairly empty for this early morning flight, which proved to be a boon to me.

I was again seated in the “A” window seat in the first row of business, and someone was assigned the seat next to me. However, since there were so many empty seats, my seatmate opted to reseat himself in a vacant pack of two seats and we were both left with our own personal sections. I asked for a glass of orange juice before takeoff, declined the meal service and slept the whole way to Bangkok in what I must say was a very comfortable angled lie flat.







TG New A330 J Cabin Photos:

J cabin






First row of new J TG A330






new TG A330 J seat.






IFE Screen


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