Bangkok Spotlight: Eat Me…well, you heard the restaurant

E had heard about this restaurant called “Eat Me” on Soi Pipat 2, off of Silom Road, somewhere in the vicinity of Patpong. Although somewhat skeptical, I wanted to get off of Sukhumvit for a bit, so I agreed to join him for lunch. We made our one transit on the BTS and got off at the Sala Daeng stop.

Like idiots, we had not called ahead to see what time the restaurant would be open at. I rectified this while we were watching people setup the Patpong night market, and quickly found out we had about an hour to kill before we could eat. We tried to pop into a German beer garden where I had previously seen some skeevy old men with their purchased Thai girlfriends, but we were told that this establishment was also closed. There would be no large German beers for us at the moment.

A cafe across the street was open, so we went there and took Singha’s and cokes. Trying to assault the hangover from both directions.

At the appointed hour, we managed to find the restaurant on a tiny side street after only having to stop into one 7-11 for directions.

We were the first to arrive, and the restaurant was beyond empty. The streets were sweltering, and we settled into a nice table near a fan in the upstairs portion of the restaurant and ordered some specialty gin cocktails (mine was akin to a gin collins) to beat the heat.

I wasn’t expecting much from haute cuisine in Bangkok, but this place absolutely blew me away. I started with the “Australian Wagyu Steak Tartare with Fried Quails Eggs & Spicy Aioli.” As a resident of Paris, I am no stranger to steak tartare, and this was one of the best i’ve had. As a result of it being a Wagyu tartare, it was cut much differently than the traditional steak tartare you find most of the time, that sort of resembles uncooked hamburger meat. This was more like small cubes of steak tartare, similar to what you might find in a salmon tartare dish. The aioli gave it a nice kick, and it was one of the more unique and memorable tartare’s of any type that I have had, along side a brilliant veal tartare I sometimes get at Casa Bini in Paris.

For the main course, E and I both chose the “Spicy Lemongrass Chicken with Green Mango Salad.” I was tempted to go with the duck confit, because I have a hard time ever giving that a miss, but I am very glad I went with the Lemongrass chicken. It was one of the top-5 chicken dishes I have ever had in my life. Chicken is usually the also-ran choice on the menu, never the star, but this was a truly outstanding dish. It was tender, juicy, had just the right amount of spice. Off hand, the only two chicken dishes I can think of (without giving it too much thought) that equal or surpassed this, would be a fantastic fried chicken that the unnamed restaurant at the Yacht Club on Spanish Cay used to make (before it was destroyed by a hurricane), and the Pollo Parador at El Parador in New York City.

Not only was this a memorable and utterly spectacular meal, but even with alcohol (and since we declined dessert, they insisted on plying us with free shots of a house vodka they make through melding vodka with melted down Mars bars) it was maybe $30 or $35 USD per person. A very good deal. If you are in Bangkok and you’re sick of eating traditional thai food and you want something with a little more nuance and sophistication, listen to the restaurant name…Eat Me.


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