NYC Detour Part VI: Back to Bangkok Finally

TG Boeing 77W NRT-BKK

By the time I got to NRT on Monday by way of another “shared taxi,” that turned out to be just me and the driver, the previous three nights were starting to catch up with me.

Since I was flying Fist Class with Thai (a Star Alliance partner of ANA), I tried to go to the ANA Suite Check-in area that I had used before my NRT-SFO flight. I was rebuffed and told that while some Star Alliance partners have their First Class check-in located there, not all of them do. Thai First Class check-in was back in the main part of the terminal.

Since at the time, I thought this was going to be my last stop in Japan during this trip, I bought some souvenirs for people back home and then went to the lounge. Thai F still gets you access to the ANA Suite F Lounge. I learned on this trip that there are actually TWO different ANA Suite F Lounges. The main one that I had been using is left after immigration and near the gates ANA typically uses. However, there is another satellite ANA F Suite lounge over closer to the gates that UA, LX and TG use. There is also a United F lounge, but who would want to bother with that garbage.

I went over towards the gate a bit early so I could pop into the other ANA Suite Lounge and properly review it. While it has views over the field, it is MUCH smaller than the main Suite Lounge, and I would never choose to spend my time there unless (as was the case here) it’s just for 20-30 minutes before boarding.

ANA Suite F Lounge [Satellite Version]:







Satellite ANA F Lounge






This being my third F segment on the Thai 77W leased from 9W (previously flew CDG-BKK, BKK-NRT), I once again selected Suite 2A, as I decided I preferred the second row to the first.

Meal Service:

Dom Perignon 2000 before Take-off






Curry Puff & Yakitori Skewer Amuse Bouche


















Main Course- Duck Confit






Fruit & Cheese












As you can see, this further drives home how irregular Thai F can be. If you’ve been reading diligently, I have flown Thai F long haul CDG-BKK, BKK-SYD, SYD-BKK, BKK-HND and now NRT-BKK. That is five segments within 2-3 months. Every time it’s different. Sometimes there are nuts before departure, sometimes nuts with raisins, sometimes nothing. Sometimes they have a palate cleanser part-way through the meal, sometimes they don’t. Flights over six hours get caviar and PJ’s in F but oh wait, not the flights to or from Japan. On my flight from Bangkok to Tokyo, there was no pre-arrival meal service, but on this flight from Tokyo back to Bangkok, there was. It’s a total crap shoot when you fly with Thai as to what exactly you are going to get. As a result, you can’t have any expectations, because it’s a moving target.

Pre-Arrival Snack

I was absolutely beat from my time in Japan. I couldn’t make it through a movie, and at any rate there were no movies worth watching. As soon as the meal service ended, I fell asleep (at least they had the good “new” blankets on this sector) and I woke up perhaps 45 minutes outside of Bangkok, at which point I was offered Haagen-Dazs.

Just as Thai goes absolutely overboard with the pre-departure ground handling at BKK, so to do they go nuts with the arrival service for F passengers whether BKK is their final destination, or they are connecting.

Welcome back to Thailand

After walking down the jetway and back into the terminal, I was met by a TG staff member who had my name on a piece of paper. I was then led to a Thai themed purple and gold golfcart and driven from the gate to immigration.

As usual, immigration was a breeze and I was stamped back into the Kingdom for the final time on this trip.

At this point I could find my way through BKK blindfolded, so I quickly engaged a taxi after the usual dance about the price and was on my way towards Sukhumvit, although this time I decided I would try a new hotel.








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