JW Marriott: Rest & Recovery

There’s not going to be a whole lot about the JW Marriott in Bogota. By the time I actually arrived at the hotel, it was closing in on midnight, and I had to be up early for my next flight to CTG.

The physical plant itself is slick looking, the lobby is very modern and polished and check-in was quick and painless. A pet peeve of mine is when nice hotels try to charge for internet. If you’re already paying $400 / night for a room, it just feels like a kick in the teeth for them to try to gouge another $10-20 out of you per day for internet…especially when hostels and crappy hotels generally offer this for free. It’s not 1993, the internet isn’t costing you a lot of money hotel…have some respect for your customers.

Internet is NOT free at the JW Marriott in Bogota. They offered me some sort of package that was one day of internet access as well as breakfast in the morning for maybe $20. I told them to go ahead and toss it on my bill. I just wanted to get upstairs and lie down after my lengthy stay in the uncomfortable United “business” seat.

There didn’t seem to be anything open in the vicinity of the hotel, so I left my bags near the entry to my room, ordered some room service, and watched TV for an hour or so before going to sleep. There simply wasn’t time for anything else.

I would have been able to furnish you wish more information about the JW Marriott and perhaps even about Bogota from my second stop here on the back end of Cartagena. That is, I WOULD have been able to do so if I wasn’t a broken shell of a man after three nights in that town.

On my second swing through Bogota, I went right from the airport to the JW Marriott, again had an easy check-in experience, this time declined the breakfast as I knew I wouldn’t wake up for it, and slept from the early evening until it was time to go back to America.

So really, all I can tell you about the JW Marriott is that it’s a great place to rest up before and after wild beach related benders.

JW Marriott Bogota Report Card

Pros: Nice looking common spaces, decently sized rooms with comfortable beds.

Cons: Lousy room service, surrounding neighborhood is pretty dead at night.

Verdict: It’s a great place to convalesce, and I think it’s probably the best hotel in Bogota. I would like to return to Bogota to see it properly, and if I have the chance to do so, I would almost certainly choose the JW Marriott again.


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