From One Spanish Speaking City To Another. Bogota to Miami.

AA Boeing 767-300.

AA Boeing 767-300.

The international terminal at BOG is brand new, and it’s a pretty great facility. One of the downsides to having such a new physical plant, is that not everything is open and in working order yet.

I was flying American Airlines business class from Bogota to Miami. As such, I just assumed that there would be a lounge. It’s under three hours from BOG to MIA, but it’s still an international (intercontinental even) flight in a premium cabin.

My assumptions proved to be presumptuous. There is A lounge at BOG, just not one that grants AA pax entry.

The Avianca lounge is the only one that was open at BOG as of my travel (October 29th 2012 was my flight). I thought surely AA would have set up some sort of contract with the only working lounge to allow their premium passengers to access it…nope. Likewise, my Priority Pass did nothing, and even though I have a United Club membership and Avianca is a Star Alliance partner, this did not grant me access since I was traveling on AA and not part of a Star Alliance itinerary.

I ended up sitting by the gate for a long time. At least there’s free, relatively quick wifi.

Looking out from the gate

Looking out from the gate

Our Boeing 767-300 which I mistakenly thought was registration N35DAN (no aircraft with that registration exists, so I must have botched one of the letters), was laid out in a two-class configuration with AA’s international angled lie flat business product.

I am no great fan of the angled lie flat, but every time I have been in an AA J seat, I’ve been exhausted and had no issues getting the rest I needed. The seats are 2-2-2 on the 767.



We were quickly up in the air, and on our way to America. The meal service began shortly after we reached our cruising altitude and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The steak wasn’t overcooked and was pretty great.

I think you know what these are

I think you know what these are





Did you guess right?'s salad.

Did you guess right? yes…it’s salad.





Main course

Main course





After the meal, I reclined my seat and got in a brief nap before landing at MIA, which is basically still part of South America, and one of my least favorite airports in the world.

The immigration queues were long, there were many screaming babies and I was not a happy camper, but I was back in the U.S.

AA 767 J Cabin

AA 767 J Cabin





AA Int'l J Seat

AA Int’l J Seat





AA 767 J Cabin

AA 767 J Cabin




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