Into The Fight: AA to Ohio

It doesn’t get much more boring than a short hop on a regional jet, so I’ll this short. I was again flying first on AA by virtue of very cheap fares found on the internet (Kayak in this case), so, after checking in, I popped into the tiny Admiral’s Club near my gate.

I hate cheating on UA almost as much as I hate giving AA credit for anything, but I have to say, as far as regional jets go, they have UA beat.

Our equipment was a CRJ-700, tail number N504AE. I was in seat 1D. The seats were comfortable, and even though this was only a 295 mile flight, AA attempted to serve something approximating a meal. This was surprising to me given UA’s move to “snackboxes” on mainline flights. You usually get nothing on RJ’s.

As you can imagine, I was pretty tired from basically not sleeping at all the night before, and running around Chicago all day looking for warm clothes. On the plus side, I was now warm. I had a new winter coat, scarf, sweater and other things you need to survive winter in the Midwest.

I go to Columbus fairly frequently for football games, so I had a “football season girlfriend.” This was a term she was aware of and embraced in good humor, so I don’t want any guff about being a jerk.  Basically, the deal was, when I came to Columbus, I would stay with her, and while I was in town, we were dating. When I was in parts unknown, no attachment. Can’t beat free lodging.

I had arranged for football season gf to pick me up at CMH, and I would stay with her for the first night before moving into a hotel for the rest of the week. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at campaign HQ, since this was my first campaign.

I wanted to help in some way, because 1. I thought four more years of Obama would be a horrible, horrible tragedy for America, 2. I believed, and throughout the course of the campaign came to believe more and more that Romney would actually be an excellent President, not just a “lesser of two evils,” 3. I wanted to be involved instead of just idly bitching from the sidelines, then not voting like most of the people I know.

We touched down, my ride met me out front and I was on my way to the battle in Ohio.



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