Overnight At Incheon

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

It was cold when I landed in Korea…very cold. Other than this one night in Incheon and a night in Japan on the way home, I would exclusively be in warm climates, so I hadn’t packed much in the way of winter clothes.

I walked out of the terminal at ICN, zipped up my leather jacket, pulled my scarf tight around my neck and waited for the shuttle to the Hyatt Regency.

I knew that the Hyatt was close to the terminal, but I had no idea just how close. Once you get on the shuttle it’s maybe a two-minute ride.

I was seated towards the front of the bus, so I was one of the first out the door. I had no large bags to drag around, so I went right to the desk and checked in. I had hoped my Platinum status would get me an upgrade to the club floor, but I had no such luck. It was around 6pm by the time I got to the hotel, and even though I had slept a bit on the plane, I was pretty beat.

I originally planned to drop my stuff off, go to the gym, have dinner, then wake up very early and get ready for my flight. The exhaustion and jetlag changed my plans. Around 7:30pm, I decided I’d just lie down for a minute. You know how that goes.

Luckily, I had set my alarm for 5am before lying down. I slept straight through from 7:30pm-5am, woke up to the blaring klaxon on my iPhone and got out of bed.

I had confirmed the night before that the gym was open 24/7, so I tugged my shoes on, went down to the dark lobby and poked around until I found it. It was a reasonable hour in NY at 5:15am Korean time, so I didn’t feel sluggish. My strategy was to wake up very early, work out, then try to stay awake as long as possible on my ICN-BKK flight, so that once I connected to BKK-SYD, I could quickly fall asleep and wake up reasonably refreshed in Sydney.

For some reason this graphic was amusing to me at 5:15am

For some reason this graphic was amusing to me at 5:15am

I hadn’t unpacked any of my bags the night before, so after I showered up, I packed my running shoes and toiletries and went back down to the lobby to check out and wait for the shuttle.

What can I say, it was an airport hotel. It felt more like a real hotel than most airport hotels do, but let’s be honest, unless you have a short layover, or you have to be at the airport very early in the morning, no one chooses to stay at the airport.




Hyatt Regency Incheon Report Card

 Pros: Incredibly close to Incheon, 24/7 gym, nice lobby, decent rooms.’

Cons: It’s an airport hotel, the rooms are so-so and you’re at the airport.

Verdict: If I had a short overnight and had to be at ICN early in the AM, of course I would stay here. However, if I was only in town for one night and didn’t have to be at ICN the next day until say 11am or noon, I would deal with the ride to and from Seoul and stay in town.


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