The Wandering Sybarite

I am an over-educated, under-employed writer who enjoys travel. Check this page for information on airlines, nightlife, restaurants and general points of interest.

What is a Sybarite?


6 responses to “The Wandering Sybarite

  1. bryson

    Great blog. Made it several pages deep and really enjoyed it. Heading to Leela Palace on Friday. “I would return if my first choice hotel in Delhi was not available…” If you get a minute, what is your first choice?

  2. PG

    Speaking of Indian hotels, I saw a “Sybaritic Suites” last time I was in Hyderabad, but it didn’t look like it lived up to the name — more business-basic.

  3. ocm

    No updates anymore?

    • jsbaumeister

      Hey OCM, I have been traveling a lot recently and haven’t had my computer with me. I will try to get back to work on the updates tomorrow, sorry!

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